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Reflexology is based on the principle that the body as a whole and its components are mapped upon the extremities be these hands, face or feet. The map is broken up in to specific reflex points and Reflexologists believe that when pressure is placed upon these reflexes it can both calm and support the body in its return to a healthy balance which  is also referred to as Homeostasis.  

Foot reflexology tends to be the most well-known form of this practice, and this is perhaps because reflexology has been referenced throughout history in ancient traditions such as Egypt, China and India, all of whom respect and revere the feet for their connection to the bodies health.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and stages of life through childhood into fertility and beyond.  Reflexology can reduce stress of which may reduce your anxiety that could be exasperating other health  conditions.  This is a well tolerated complimentary therapy that may support you through your GP lead medical treatment.


When you book an appointment with a Clinical Reflexologist such as Emalee you can expect to receive a telephone consultation prior to the first appointment and from this consultation a treatment plan specific to your needs will be devised.  This plan will develop over a course of treatments.  Emalee is able to work with families, children, fertility, women's health. men's health & cancer support. 

Energetic Reflexology

Energetic Reflexology is everything you would expect from Reflexology with an Energetic twist!

Emalee is a Holistic Spiritual Crystal Healer and Reiki Therapist, within these courses she has studied many different approaches and Energetic Reflexology has been devised to allow for the combination of these:

Reiki Energy, Healing guides, Aura & Chakra balance, Crystal grids, Dowsing and of course Reflexology 

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