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All About Me


Complimentary Energy Healing and Self Empowered Improvement are my lifelong study and passion. A quest that began in 2001 and continues today.


After the birth of our daughter in 2013, several life changing events and “proofs” as I would call them, I made the decision to opt out of Project Management & Leadership roles to concentrate my efforts on sharing that passion with others.

I have found the Reflexology Level 5 Practitioner Diploma the most comprehensive way to synthesise all of the different therapies and knowledge that I had gathered on life’s adventure, becoming a Clinical Reflexologist as a result.

Living here in the beautiful Village of Frieth with my family just north of Marlow & Henley I am inspired every day by nature and its capacity to renew.  I feel by making time in our busy lives to reconnect with our own nature we have the ability to constantly improve both ourselves and surroundings we live in.

I thank my Teachers at Temple and the Association of Reflexologists for their exemplary code of conduct, continuous improvement they expect from their students and membership that I plan to share with you.

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