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Services Offered & Prices

Energetic Reflexology-1 hour-£55

Appointments at Healthy Stuff Marlow, Phyllis Court Henley and by Mobile Appointment.

Reiki, Crystals & Holistic Spiritual Healing

Clinical Foot Reflexology-1 hour-£55

Foot & Hand Combination Reflexology-1 hour-£55 

           NEPIP & Reflexology -1 hour- £55

Face & Foot Reflexology-1 hour-£55


Cancer & Palliative Reflexology    Fertility & Maternity Reflexology    Women's, Men's & Children's Health   Calmative Reflexology

Cancellation Policy

All new clients will require a telephone consultation prior to their first appointment. Here we will discuss and generate a treatment plan tailored to you and your specific needs.  These calls may take up to 30 minutes and can be arranged for a time that is mutually suitable.  Please discuss cancellation fees with Emalee as these may vary upon venue of appointment however 50% fee is usually required if 48 working hours notice is not given of cancellation.

Energetic Reflexology -1 hour -£55,

 Face to Foot Combination Reflexology-1 & 10 hour-£65   Appointments at Healthy Stuff Marlow

 Reiki, Crystals & Holistic Spiritual Healing

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